George Bartolome

Dec 30, 2016

Thirty-Two Year Veteran Fire Fighter

My name is George Bartolome, a thirty-two year veteran fire fighter with the Metro Dade Fire Department. I am very proud to report that Alex Decebecerra and Javier Blanco completed my shower remodeling in a very timely manner, and with a wuality of workmanship that I haven’t seen in a long time.

I feel so strongly about their exceptional work that I felt that they need to be commended by there supervisors on a job well done.

I personally had the Pleasure of working with the public Protecting Life and Property. The most life gratifying experience a person can ask for. That’s why I am commending them because they demonstrated a pride in there work of the most highest level of competency and responsibility, very similar to my Profession.

I hope there supervisor’s recognize this in them like I did.

Fire Fighter George Bartolome.

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